Our tailoring service. Custom-made, even at home.

The tailoring service has long been offering a completely personalised service to meet customer needs and create the perfect garment, whether this involves amending standard garments, or making the garment fully tailor-made from scratch. All our items of clothing are entirely made in Italy displaying the characteristics of haute couture that show up from the details: collars and sleeves sewn and fastened by hand, hand-stitched seams and hems, perfectly fitting. The manufacture is enhanced by the choice and combination of the materials used: from the extraordinary selection of fabrics, among the best in the world, to Bemberg linings to the real mother of pearl or Corojo buttons (dried tropical fruit, sliced nd processed).

The tailoring service available in your own home also combines the unquestionable convenience to the high quality of the product offered and allows you to avoid the exhausting waste of time that often transforms the pleasure of choosing our clothes into a stressful chore. Our tailoring service offers bespoke jackets, suits, coats and shirts made with fine fabrics and are packed with technical and design features and are strictly handcrafted.

Our home service allows the customer to order tailored clothes without leaving their home or place of work, choose the place and time of the measurements, during which they will also be able to choose the cut and fabrics in the desired arrangement.

Our service ends with the delivery and trying on the finished garments, of course, in your own home. 

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