Clothes. Our passion!

Confezioni Cavour is founded in 1989 by Vincenzo Vergine and Carlo Barba, as a natural continuation of their considerable previous experience in the industry. The motivation that drives them in this venture lies in their great passion which started from different backgrounds in their youth and then evolved into a professional business over the years. The idea behind this is the desire to be able to offer a high quality tailor-made product at affordable prices, which still incorporates the stylistic, technical and quality tailoring traditions of the Made in Italy.

Their first workshop is set up in an old farmhouse in the centre of Povegliano, in the province of Verona, and employs about nine seamstresses. In 1999, when the facilities are moved to a modern facility in the new industrial area of ovegliano Veronese, the company gives work to about thirty employees.

Today Confezioni Cavour operates from a modern building that spans across over 1,000 square metres, designed and built to create an efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly working environment.

Thanks to a highly specialised workforce strong of 40 professionals and a production capacity of 1,200 pieces a month, the company is able to cope with the most demanding market requirements and work closely with some of the most prestigious brands in the industry. The main objective, however, remains to provide customers with a product of high quality craftsmanship, so each garment is carefully checked before being placed on the market and sold only after careful inspection of the fabrics, processing methods, accessories, packaging. Everything must comply with the high standards that have always characterized Confezioni Cavour.

But what makes our products come alive is the passion for our work. We really love our work which in return gives us the privilege and the pleasure of dressing our customers.